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I’m a hybrid, Gilbert. You can’t kill me unless you cut off my head or rip out my heart. And you’re not gonna do it with that lame-ass crossbow- Tyler Lockwood

—- Tyler X Jeremy, The Vampire Diaries, S3E10

Trust me Tyler, there is more than one way for someone to rip your heart out.

Also, two points. The first is that Tyler conveniently told Jeremy how to kill a hybrid.  

The second is that when Jeremy confronts Tyler in the woods, Tyler was clearly drinking and moping in the same spot that he’d been having genuine fun with Jeremy, after he realized- but wouldn’t admit- that he’d made an error in judgement in the assumption that Jeremy would be safe.

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The Vampire Diaries ~ 2x06 “Plan B”

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Jeremy & Tyler (TVD) || I’m not perfect, but I keep trying.

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"Hey Tyler we need to talk."
"I know I’m really sorry-"
"No, not that.  I’m going to Denver."
"I thought something was holding me in this town, I thought I had to stay but I don’t."
"Just come with me." 

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jessica schrampfer ‏meet and greet @McQueeninchains @Michael_Trevino

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Claudia @zach_roerig, @Michael_Trevino, @McQueeninchains, @leahmariepipes and @mkmalarkey #TVDDallas

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michael_trevino Brother McQueen in front of me, Brother Zach to my left. See you soon Dallas!

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